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Karen Donnellan / Zita Schüpferling

April 4, 2019

LMU03 presented works by Karen Donnellan and Zita Schüpferling.


Karen Donellan's practice is concerned with illustrating that which cannot be physically held. Her objects and installations evoke the intangible essence of things. While she uses a wide range of media, glass and sound are central to this endeavor. She is currently exploring resonance as a concept and frequencies using Cosmic Octave Planetary Tuning Forks.


Karen presented Crossweaves in the Morphic Field, a new live sound piece, mixing for the first time her own vocal tones and sounds collected through a variety of methods and devices. She also presented Silent Amplifiers (Mutual Dreaming), a pair of works in blown glass and carved selenite.


Zita Schüpferling's work is about site-specific transformation of space through situative or architectural interventions on various scales as well as performance. Using the exhibition opening and the exhibition itself as a setting, her performative pieces are about creating and interfering with atmospheres through minimal gestures actors embed into the environment. 

Zita introduced the piece There are visitors among the visitors who have the task to flirt with you, which is part of an ongoing project. She presented a booklet based on this performance, as well as Catalogue of the Catalogue, a booklet derived from a past exhibition.

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