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Little Meat Up is a series of salon-style presentations, hosted by Jennifer Wen Ma’s studio Littlemeat Productions, that features artists sharing their creative process in a critical and supportive environment. This series is a collaboration between international multidisciplinary artist Jennifer Wen Ma, research and exhibitions consultant Mariluz Hoyos, and Brooklyn-based visual artist Madeline Ludwig-Leone. 

Each session consists of two artists of different disciplines presenting a new project or body of work. Attendants of the meet up are by invitation only, to offer critical feedback and create dialogue. 

Little Meat Up aims to: 

  • Provide working artists with a nurturing environment to workshop ideas related to a specific project under development

  • Provide art professionals and audiences with inside access to thought-provoking new works by talented creators

  • Nurture a community of artists, art professionals and interested audiences, invested in exchange of ideas and open discussion of the creative process

In addition to the benefits listed above, Little Meat Up is also partners with Charlene Birk at Habitat For Leadership. She provides coaching service to participating artists both in advance of and following their presentations to work on goal-setting. 

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